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I want to demonstrate the rich possibilities in tapestry weaving. How a square can be created with swarming life and dynamics. How a square can give out light and have a life of its own. First I make the background. It has the random patterns of a stone. After that I create the motif. I draw my inspiration from the nature around me.

Tapestry weavers have other possibilities than painters. We paint with our yarns. Our pictures have fullness and a wealth of nuances. Both work to heighten the motif. The pictures invite us to go on a journey of discovery – in a constant search for new connections.

You never get tired of a good tapestry. It continues to give you good experiences, even many years after you have purchased it.


The newest work



Small volcanoes 1-4, 2003, 4 tapestries, 40 x 40 cm.


Tapestry weaver Margrethe Agger
Smedestræde 3
DK-4583 Sjællands Odde
Telefon: +45 59 32 74 16
Telefax: +45 59 32 76 10


"Homage to Katla" sold to the Danish Museum of Decorative Art.

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Margrethe Agger turns 60.     
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Margrethe Agger is awarded the prize Craft Artist of the Year 2003 in West Zealand.

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