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"Homage to Katla" sold to The Danish Museum of Decorative Art in Copenhagen.

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At one point I felt I needed to make a tapestry that was violent in expression.

I was very angry during the days I was working on the sketch. And the anger had to come out, one way or another.

The tapestry became a homage to the volcano Katla on Iceland. For long periods, Katla is locked in by big masses of ice. Every once in a while it erupts, and so violently, that the ice melts and washes away everything man-made on its way to the sea.

I believe that the tapestry visualized the anger I felt at that time.

While the tapestry was being made, the anger died away. Then I had the surplus energy to put small animals into the motif, so one could still see that it was one of my tapestries.

Transforming something as violent as a volcanic eruption into the given framework of a tapestry has been fascinating.

June 24, 2003

Current exhibitions.

Indkøbte værker. (Recent Aquisitions) Det Danske Kunstindustrimuseum, Copenhagen, . 21 June – 31 August 2003

Stokrosebanden. Pakhuset, Nykøbing Sjælland, 21 June – 3 August 2003

20 Years International Textile Art Graz. Graz, Austria, 5 – 25 July 2003

Husets sommerudstilling. Huset, Asnæs, 19 July – 24 August 2003

Margrethe Agger og Oda Knudsen. West Zealand County, Sorø, 
27 October – 14 November 2003

Husets vinterudstilling. Huset, Asnæs, 22 November – 14 December 2003

Margrethe Agger og Oda Knudsen. Pakhuset, Nykøbing Sjælland, 
10 – 31 January 2004.

June 24, 2003

Margrethe Agger turns 60.

Margrethe Agger turns 60 on August 13, 2003 and can look back on a fine career as one of Denmark’s distinguished tapestry weavers.

Margrethe Agger established herself immediately after the end of her education in 1966 with her own weaving workshop. She made her break-through after a stay among the Huastego Indians in Mexico, with the solo exhibition "Report from Mexico" at The Danish Museum of Decorative Art. In the years since, it has been a long line of commissions in Denmark and exhibitions inside and outside the country. Margrethe Agger is still fully active as a tapestry weaver and has recently sold works to The Danish Arts Foundation, The New Carlsberg Foundation and The Danish Museum of Decorative Art

Margrethe Agger has a pronounced interest in teaching and, through the years, it has brought her around the country giving courses and lectures to more or less all the weaving circles in Denmark. She has also taught at The Aarhus Art Academy and The Danish Handicraft Guild’s Teacher Training College. More recently, she has been responsible for the development of the Albertslund School of Visual Arts, which, in a period of about 10 years, she has brought forward to a position as one of the finest in the country.

Margrethe Agger has also been very active at an organizational level. Over the years it has resulted in such jobs as chairman for the art group M-59, artistic consultant for the municipalities of Gentofte and Albertslund and West Zealand County, and most recently, chairman for the organization European Tapestry Network.

Margrethe Agger moved to Sjællands Odde, a narrow tongue of land jutting out into the sea on north Zealand, in 1989. Here she has also had time to enjoy her interest in the Danish knitting and wool tradition, and in that connection, she has established one of Denmark’s largest flocks of spelsau sheep, a very old original breed of sheep from Norway.

The round birthday will be celebrated amongst family at home on Sjællands Odde.

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July 8, 2003

Margrethe Agger selected Craft Artist of the Year in West Zealand

The Regional Committee for Visual Arts, at a meeting on April 8th, selected Margrethe Agger as Craft Artist of the Year 2003 in West Zealand County.

In connection with the selection, The Regional Committee for the Visual Arts has given Margrethe Agger a prize of 10,000 kroner and, in addition, will buy one or more of her works to a value of 15,000 kroner. Presentation of the prize will take place in the County Administration Building in Soroe on October 27th. In connection with the presentation, an exhibition with works by Margrethe Agger will be presented in the County Administration Building. The exhibition will be shown afterwards at Pakhuset, Nykøbing Sjælland.

The Regional Committee for the Visual Arts has also selected The Artist of the Year in West Zealand County. This year’s choice was the painter and graphic artist Oda Knudsen.

April 20, 2003


"Homage to Katla" sold to the Danish Museum of Decorative Art.

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Current exhibitions.
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Margrethe Agger turns 60.     
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Margrethe Agger is awarded the prize Craft Artist of the Year 2003 in West Zealand.

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